Tuesday, 11 August 2015

For this I have Jesus

For the joys and for the sorrows
The best and worst of times
For this moment, for tomorrow
For all that lies behind
Fears that crowd around me
For the failure of my plans
For the dreams of all I hope to be
The truth of what I am

For this I have Jesus
For this I have Jesus
For this I have Jesus, I have Jesus

For the tears that flow in secret
In the broken times
For the moments of elation
Or the troubled mind
For all the disappointments
Or the sting of old regrets
All my prayers and longings
That seem unanswered yet

For the weakness of my body
The burdens of each day
For the nights of doubt and worry
When sleep has fled away
Needing reassurance
And the will to start again
A steely-eyed endurance
The strength to fight and win

Graham Kendrick
Copyright © 1994 Make Way Music

We sang this in church on Sunday - a reminder that whatever happens to us, we have Jesus.



  1. This song is very special to me - I have often sung it to myself in the tough times. I love the quote from Corrie Ten Boom's sister, when they were in the WW" concentration camp "There is no pit so deep, that He is not deeper still"

    good post Gaz, thankyou

  2. I don't know this song but I'd like to.know it!