Monday, 3 August 2015

Going Bananas

This was the theme of our holiday club this year.

Around 55 children came along each day as we flew from "Kirby Muxloe Airport" to "Banana Island" for some Bible stories, songs, crafts, and outside games.

They learned about Noah building his ark, Gideon and his depleted army, Elijah asking God to light his altar, Zaccheus climbing up a tree to see Jesus, and the woman who anointed Jesus' feet with oil to show how grateful she was for His forgiveness.

Every day there was a drama, starring two of our youngsters as "Ripe and Rotten" the banana boys - here we see Jacob as Rotten on the wrong end of a custard pie!!

Every day, there were craft activities related to that day's story:

A dove made from a paper plate.

A rainbow made from everybody's hands.

One of Gideon's torches.

A stone with a message (to represent the stones on Elijah's Altar).


Binoculars (for Zaccheus to see Jesus from the top of the tree).

Zaccheus climbing up his tree

We finished yesterday with a special themed service and a barbecue - we were blessed with good weather.  Didn't get any photos, was too busy doing the barbecue along with Paul & Steve.

The children had a great week, they all said how much they had enjoyed coming along.
Now time for a rest!!


  1. So thrilled to read it has all gone so well- my thoughts and prayers have been with you all week. May the seeds sown at Holiday Club bear fruit for His Kingdom in coming months x