Thursday, 8 October 2015

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Well, they can't be that lost - we managed to find them OK.

Actually, these gardens were lost - overgrown with brambles and ivy as most of the workforce went off to the trenches of WWI - many sadly never to return.

The gardens were rediscovered in 1990, when an intrepid team led by Tim Smit set about uncovering this lost gem.

After many years of hard work, the gardens were made into a thing of beauty once again, and were opened to the public, so, while in Cornwall we took the opportunity to visit:

 They have vegetable gardens - many pumpkins seen here.

Nice landscaped areas.

Farmyard animals abound - chickens...


And that well known farmyard bird, the Emu!

Interesting structures

The Grey Lady 

The Mudmaid 

And the Giant's Head.

We had a lovely day there - more info on their website.

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  1. Oh the giant is amazing!!!
    And I DID think about a Doctor Who fictional place but I figured I'd stick to books!x