Sunday, 13 December 2015

A Pause In Advent (3)

Advent is, of course, the time of year when we look forward to Christmas.  For many children (and, I suspect, many adults too), it's a time of counting down to the moment when they celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour open their presents.

It's right and proper that we look forward to the celebration of Christmas, but it's also important to take time to enjoy the season of Advent for it's own sake.

There's so much to enjoy - carol services (we went to one at Leicester Cathedral this week), singing the familiar carols and hearing the familiar readings, nativity plays - seeing the children act out the Christmas story (funny how the innkeeper doesn't even get a line in the Bible, but is one of the main roles in nativity plays!!).

The secular idea of Christmas has much to enjoy - Christmas parties, spending time with our loved ones, hearing the familiar songs on the radio (It's not Christmas until Noddy Holder says so!!).

Whilst we look forward to Christmas, let's not forget to enjoy the season of Advent.


  1. Very true Gary. I love enjoying Advent.x

  2. Me too! enjoyed a great all-age advent service this morning, and had happy memories of past years in KMFC!

  3. Advent season IS lots of fun, isn't it? I do look forward to the actual day of Christmas because of all the love at home and around the table especially, but the prelude is WONDERFUL!

  4. Gaz, I'm torn this week. For a few years now I could quite happily have confined the whole fuzz to the bin, and concentrated on Jesus, though not necessarily in December, rather every day. But this year, in the light of world events, I'm thinking we do need the fuzz as part and (gift-wrapped) parcel of the fact that we do celebrate Christmas, here and now, because it is our faith, our culture, our heritage. Not in attack on anyone else's, but in simple and free celebration of what we believe. Too much thinking in Advent, as well as too much fuss!